Welding table drill guide kit

The table drill guides are sold out. Does anybody have one they’d sell me? This seems like an item you wouldn’t use but a few times in your life. They should offer a way to rent them.

That is a good idea!

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I think th

Not a bad Idea, but another thing they may not have time for. What I see a lot of times is the one time needed tool will get sold on Market place or Ebay to the next guy wanting the same tool.

I have a larger table with holes on 4" grid and want to add holes to mine. So I am looking into having a larger one made locally.

What you need to keep in mind is, Drill bushings do wear out. They can be replaced but depending on the press fit, that might be relatively easy or hard.
You may need a press to push them out and back in.

One more thing to think about when it comes to bushing wear is, if the person used a carbide cutter. If they did that could cause wear as the carbide will be harder than the bushing.

I do know one person that has one, but he is keeping it to use for fixturing later.

I can tell you the price on the fireball guide is a bargain if the tolerances are pretty tight.

Bad thing is they are out of stock :frowning_face: