What Shop Lights do you Use?

People have asked what lights we use in the shop. It’s actually pretty bright in here, clocking in an average of 350 footcandles from the lights 30 feet above.

(here is a reference chart showing how many footcandles many places are)

In the shop there are a couple dozen Aerobat 4ft 360W 5000k lights from Rab Lighting. Each light produces 53,000 Lumens of light output and draws 3 amps of power.
The light: NEW AEROBAY® - RAB Lighting

Here they are in the shop:

Is your guys’ lighting setup adequate? What do y’all use?

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These lights sound awesome!

With CRI specification listed as in the 80s, I’m betting they’re one of the few US manufacturers who provide honest calculation of CRI. The only other company I know of who accurately represents this figure is Waveform Lighting, based in California.

*Most LED products sold in the US calculate the CRI by leaving out the accuracy of R9 in color rendering, which is the value for how accurately red tones are reproduced. By leaving out this value in the average of all colors, CRI is inaccurately represented as 90% or higher for most LED lighting products on retail shelves.

Diodes that reproduce reds accurately require specific alloys in the base the diode is casted in, making them more expensive. This really does makes a difference, especially with camera work. (skin tones - not just things that are red, are highly dependent on this)

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I look for massive sales and go for it. I bought like 12 5K 28K lumens high bays to fit in my low bay and they work great. All for about $300