When is it time to change your bandsaw blade?

Here’s a interesting question. How dull does your metal bandsaw blade get before you change it? I have a marvel band saw and it requires a 144’’ long blade that costs me around 80 dollars. For me if it’s missing teeth like in the photo I keep it on, but when the blade starts to wander off course I will change it. Do you change your blade if it has missing teeth?

I normally run mine till it snaps, is that not normal lol

We run with missing teeth quite often, which is fine for cutting smaller flat bar, angle iron and pipe. If a larger profile item needs cutting, it’s time to change out the blade. The dull blade also effects the speed of the cut.

Our DoAll requires a 132" blade. What tooth count are folks using? Ours is a 6/4 if I’m not mistaking. Pretty course for metal cutting.

@NickJ Please post the question on the blade tooth count as a new post. It will make it easier for people to find the answers.

Im the same, although was doin some stainless tigand needed my cuts to be a bit cleaner. So i changed the blade before it broke.
Old blade is hanging up waiting to be put back into production :smirk::crazy_face:

I’m guilty of that habit as well…always thinking that there’s still some life left in cutting blades & tools for some odd job. Seems the balance to be struck is around performance, cost, and storage space. In small shops like mine cost often dominates.


I’ll change blades when the cut quality gets bad for what I need. Old blades don’t get tossed until they are totally trashed or fail. Most of what I cut requires fairly fine toothed blades, so they are easy to wreck. I buy blades in whatever quantity I get a price break on. I could invest in a blade welder, but I’m so limited in shop space and time, it’s simply easier and less expensive to order them. I type in my order and usually have them on the doorstep within a couple of days.

I have had blades snap and not even missing teeth you can tig them back together