Your bandsaw blade of choice

Inspired by Jason’s question about when to change your bandsaw blade, what blade do you prefer to use on the bandsaw?

List your specifics:
Saw type - blade length - width x thickness - teeth per inch - application

DoAll C-916M horizontal bandsaw. 158" x 1" x .035" 4/6 German made blade. Cutting only metal from 1/2" square bar to 12" I-beam.

Delta 14" vertical bandsaw. 93" x .375" x .035 16/18" blade. Used mainly for contour cutting wood and thin sheet metal. Also have a the same blade in a 93" x .025" x 4tpi for ripping/cross cutting larger chunks of wood.

Currently running saw is a Delta 3 wheeler. I’ve got a bunch of Lenox NEO’s in 1/4" x …025" 18TPI for now. Cutting mostly 4130 tube and sheet, along with some 2024T3 sheet, all under .090" thick and under .063" wall on the tubing.

I’ve also got a Wells 1270 awaiting overhaul for the shop as well as a couple of power hacksaws.