Where else have aluminum floors been used?

In our newest episode, Jason used aluminum sheets to make the floor for the interior of the office. Is there any other instance you can think of where aluminum has been used in making a floor?

Somewhat the same, but a lot of car trailers (Iā€™m thinking race car trailers) use thinner treadbrite flooring over thicker wood (usually particle board / chip board).

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Agree with AmickRacing, aluminum on the loading ramp/door on our race trailer. SLIPPERY when wet on ours ā€¦ now looking into TreadBrite !

Aluminum decking is used on most aluminum hulled vessels and vessels with aluminum superstructures. This includes naval vessels, ferries, fishing vessels, yachts, and so on. I would check with both small craft manufacturers and large shipbuilders like Austal in Mobile, Alabama. You should also check with coating companies like; AkzoNobel (International Paint), Hempel, or Jotun.