First use for Dragon wagon was for wood working, my wife was impressed

I feel terrible posting this as my first official use of my new 54" dragon wagon was for wood working. My wife was super happy how easily this tedious task was on the fixture table. We are installing unfinished hardwood flooring in our house. The last peice to be installed was going to be ~1" against the wall. It was so much easier to glue and horizontal screw this 1in peice to the previous to last peice. The combination of needing to clamp the wavy hardwood flat so I can then attach the 1in addition on to it was made so simple with the fixture table.

I said to my wife after we did 10 feet of these boards. Wow I can see myself getting another one. I can really see how a full size table would be a huge benefit for a LOT of things I build around the property, whether wood or metal.

Jason, Thank you for making your videos and introducing me to this wonderful tool. It really is awesome.



I use mine for woodworking all the time. Glad it’s helping getting the job done easier. Please share pictures of the setup and problem.

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Funny, first use for my Fireball table was also working on flooring. I was installing old oak hardwood flooring that I’d salvaged from another building and needed to a good flat surface for a glue-up of a couple of damaged boards. Scratched my head for a second & then the lightbulb went on: use the new table. Yes, a good flat table & fixtures gets a lot of different uses beyond fabrication!



I have primarily been a woodworker all my life. Now I have a “metal working/car shop” and a “wood shop”. Though I agree in the use of the “metal fixtures” as incredibly capable in woodworking pursuits, my big problem is that I like to keep my wood clean of oil, grease, and the usual gunk that is always on my “metal shop” stuff. That table in Larry’s picture makes me envious. It looks pristine!

Pristine indeed, it was the first use of the table. My intent (& hope!) is to try to keep it as nice as I can.