Will the Hardtail Vise be made into a smaller version?

I Wonder if the Hard Tail will be made in a medium and small Version. I don’t really think everyone needs a 200lb+ vise, but everyone can appreciate a really good vise. I understand that the Hard Tail is already very cheap for such high-quality metal and
design. But, what I’m getting at is will the Hard Tail be made into a smaller version in the future?


@John_Sobeski The problem with smaller vises from a business standpoint is the market is flooded. With so many options available at cheap prices it will be hard for us(fireball) to be competitive. Even if we have the best vise design and quality most people will choose the cheap option. Is it worth the effort for a few people that want the quality of the Hardtail design?


Doesn’t it depend on the price point? I would pay double to triple for anything from Fireball.

I understand that the market is flooded with really cheap vises and that it will be hard to sell a smaller version of the HardTail, but a good tool sells itself and from what I have seen, the HardTail seems to be a good tool. So, I am wondering if FireBall will in the future be selling a smaller vice, once your company’s size and reputation increases?

If a scaled down 60% size of the hardtail vice was available, it would sell. The only problem is marketing that vice along with its big brother to the shop guy that doesn’t know about Fireball Tool. Anyone in sales knows this battle.

For example: If the hardtail vice was offered through McMaster Carr, it would be seen by many more shopping eyeballs within a company. The hardtail vice is unique and unlike any other vice on the market. Quality and craftsmanship are top notch. It’s offers great value for the dollar. Similar to many items on the McMaster Carr site. Often, I’ve purchased a brand unknown item because McMaster rarely list the manufacture. Only to have the item arrive and exceed my expectations against anything I could have purchased at the big box stores.

While I don’t own one yet (I will), the same goes for the hardtail vice. To me, it would be right at home in the McMaster catalog, at least a scaled down version of the hardtail.

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