Any horizontal surface is a shelf

Just got my new table today, had to wait all day to come home and put it together. Since any surface becomes a shelf in like 32 seconds somehow, I had my buddy make a sign for mine. Well see how long this lasts :rofl:


Oooohh, sweet. Is that the 24x36 or 30x54? I just got notification of my tables shipping this afternoon.

Its the 30x54. And didnt have any doubts, but can confirm that 4 tack bolts will support the whole weight of the table as it was hanging from the forklift putting it together.

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I had my 30x54 hanging from an engine hoist by 4 tack bolts on the side with lifting straps (note not ratchet straps!). Of course since it didn’t lift perfectly level, my largest fear was slacking the loop of the strap while attaching the last leg. The first two legs were easy, then you had to start shifting the table a bit. I will say, I really wanted the 60x30, however I’m not sure I have the ability to deal with it well. I do have permission to get another one though. My wife was thrilled with the firm flat work surface…

I cheated and used two tooth blocks upside down to “tie” the ends of the strap to the top of the table. I thought about just beating the box apart, but couldnt bring myself to scratch the table before I got to use it for good.

Now Jason is gonna see this and start putting disclaimers on the bolts, not to use them for lifting and assembling the table :rofl:

The bolts are rated for APPX. 1000 lbs of holding force I think. Regardless the easiest method we have found for unpacking the table top is using a couple table clamps on the table surface with a a lifting strap.

This is just to get it out of the box at a low height, with the smaller tables, before placing some 4x4s underneath to get better rigging in place. Not recommended for larger tables or lifting up higher than necessary to clear the crate.

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You think clamps on the table surface is better than the tack bolts in the side face of the table as a lifting point? I thought the tack bolts with a lift strap were pretty decent. Admit I was concerned about slippage, so keep pressure on the straps to avoid slacking and falling off was important. Good to know about the clamps on the table surface…

You can do both. The Dragon Wagons are under 500 lbs, so it’s a fairly light lift. The Pro tables are heavy, I wouldn’t recommend the clamps to lift it.

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