Bolts for attaching legs to dragon wagon

What size bolts are used to attach the legs to the dragon wagon? Unless the bolts are under the table I can’t find any shipped with the table. I’d like to get it assembled, but I don’t want to lift for assembly without bolts to attach the legs. 1/2” seemed to tight on the holes in the leg, 3/8 seemed a bit loose, but possible. Knowing the size I can pick some up at the hardware store.


Sorry a few tables got missed with hardware. 12mm is the size

Length? And pitch?

If you have the 24x30 it’s a m12x1.5 30mm long

54x30 table m10x1.5 30mm long.

I have the 30x54… I whoops, not m12, even worse the store only has 1.75 pitch. Thank you for all the information.

Oh, I’ll have to check tomorrow then if people are getting tables. I looked at my order in the accounts, and it still says pending. I did get an email a while back saying order was good, but I dont know if that was a computer generated email or not.

36x24 table is M12 1.75 x 30mm max

54x30 table is M10 1.5 x 30mm max

would suggest you have some on hand if you order one, I didn’t get bolts with my tables

Yeah, they’re supposed to be standardized on M12x1.75 but we initially had some made with M10x1.5

so would that be why this one does not appear to have dragon scale coating as well?

Mine just showed up, without bolts. Pretty big buzz kill TBH. Once the issue was identified, how hard could it have been to open up the packaging that the legs are shipped in (first-rate btw) to ensure that the hardware was included? This is not rocket science.

I just got mine without the hardware as well. I’m guessing it gets shipped directly from someone / somewhere else as mine had a manifest from Los Angeles on it and Fireball Tools is in Spokane, WA according to their site. I contacted them and it sounds like they may be having an issue with a supplier. Call / chat with them and they’ll ship out the fasteners.

I do get that it is a pain though, as now I have to shift things around for my project. I’m still waiting for the tracking on it as well (talked to them late Thursday and was supposed to ship out Friday). Hopefully they’ll get whatever supplier issues worked out soon.

I just got my tracking number and it is out for delivery today, which means I may not have to shift things around after all. So they were pretty quick on getting it resolved for me.

Of possible interest, the packaging for my table was marked 12 X 1.75. The 12 X 1.5 fasteners I had to order from Amazon to complete the assembly were the correct size. Talked to CS this afternoon; they’re going to credit me the cost of the fasteners I got from Uncle Jeff on a future order. Fireball clearly wants to do the right thing despite some struggles with stuff like this.