Anyone knows why jaws are sometimes casted into vises?

Anyone know why the jaws are not bolted on
On this reed vise
It looks like they are casted in with the vise
I’m going to do a restoration on it

I remember speaking to a vise manufacturer about their forged vises and why they didn’t have separate machined jaws, and they just felt like it wasn’t necessary.

In the case of forged vises, the material can be directly hardened. I wasn’t happy with the answer but that seems to be all they had. It does add cost to have a separate machining step, and in the lower end of the market it does matter.

I can’t really figure it out in this case you present though.

Ya it’s weird I’m going to remove them
And make new ones
Maybe the 510 vise jaws will fit it🤗

we’ll have some aluminum jaws available for the 510 next two days

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Is there measurements for those on the web site?