Best way to cut a hole in 1/2" OD brass tube, .02" thick

I want to explore best way to cut an offset notch, .44" Dia. in a brass tube that’s .02" thick (to .015" min). Presently using a mill, but laser looks like best option over plasma. Have 1000, 3" blanks to make. See example. I don’t need too much CNC power, just clean cut while rotating tube beneath cutting head (clockwise and counter), Thanks for help and opinions. Peter

Have you made a jig to hold the tube? A couple of ideas come to mind: one would be a block with a horizontal hole for the tube, and then a second intersecting vertical hole for the drill, maybe with a drill bushing. I would think this would suffice for a run of a 1000 on a mill. If the tube deforms and you cannot control that with cutting speed/geometry, a second thought might be to add a center pin to the jig, but its not clear from your pictures if there would be enough left of the pin to be of much help.


I had machine shop make them on a mill before very well. Since tubing comes 6ft long, I was hoping to cut the offset notch and then cut off 3" long part… advance, repeat. Laser would be good for engraving and customizing tube too.