Cast Tower Blocks

Are there going to be cast tower blocks available in the future that are taller than 14"?

Sorry to say but we are currently out-of-stock on this item but we do have a larger option:

We will have these back in stock soon.

Yes, we have a few more taller sizes coming shortly.

we have a 28x8x5 block coming late December

@rayjmor now available, 28" block


How do you guys feel about them hanging longways off the dragon wagons with only 1 row of bolt holes to attach to? Any concerns about deflection or strength anywhere?

Theirs no issues with hanging the block off the side. I do it all the time.

do you have any photo’s of you doing that on the dragon wagon?

Here’s some photos.

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These are great. The vertical block sitting on the end of the cantilever block really exemplifies how robust it all is. thank you.

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That’s great. Just had thumb surgery this morning, but I think that’s going on my wishlist for once I’m out of casts.

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Are the 28” blocks useable in the same way?

Sure, they will bolt on the same way.

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