Customer Support Dragon Wagon

Has anyone had luck with customer support email? I’ve been trying to get pictures of blemished tables for weeks with no luck. I also wanted to know if the old style design will connect to the new dragon wagon tables. I don’t think they will with different center to center spacing on the sides between the two. I have an email from the support service that says they will connect but the math just doesn’t add up. @Fireball_Jason

I can see why you’d think they probably don’t line up. The wording isn’t the best on the page describing the 3" side flange and the holes being on center, but if we’re both interpreting it correctly, they wouldn’t line up with the holes on the tables with 4" side walls, which are definitely on the center of the 4" face.

@Fireball_Eli can you provide any insights?

Yes the all the holes on every dragon wagon and pro tables are 2” on center from the top. The blem dragon wagon just has a shorter skirt.

@Fireball_Jason so this email from your support email is incorrect?

Yes they fit together.

Thanks Jason. I’m guessing the table kit 1 deal going on doesn’t apply to the blemished tables?

it applies now, and we’ve updated the listing to make it more clear how the blem tables are different