Dragon Scale Weld Spatter Test video, Dragon Wagon

I’ll be going LIVE today on YouTube at 9AM PST and I’m going to be testing the Dragon Wagon’s Dragon-Scale coating against weld-spatter. Join me and see how it stacks up against other available options.


No comments yet on the spatter test? I’m shocked. That Dragon Skin is awesome!


Finally got a chance to watch. Makes me super stoked the Dragon Wagon tables I got have the Dragon Scale coating.

@Fireball_Jason does the Dragon Scale coating increase surface hardness, and if so do you know by approximately how much?


That Dragon Scale is amazing! Worth every penny. It’s performance on the individual squares is especially awesome as those typically get the brunt of weld splatter when being used in tight spots. This livestream test was a great idea Jason! Well done!!!


Yes the Dragon Scale is much harder than the base cast iron.


@C_Harris Glad you liked it. I hope it helps with the confusion between the nitride and Dragon scale.


Wow that was amazing to see none of the torch slag stick, it’s like magic.

I really appreciate the amount of time end effort you put into not only making good products, but also showing your tests and reasoning for why you designed them the way you did. I don’t have the space to setup an actual fab table yet, but when I do your stuff will be first in line.

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Hi Jason, and cool video!
I’ve been doing some research on clickbait and I really think you should change the title of your video, to get WAY more views.
try “Testing the Indestructible Welding Table: Dragon Scale”
I swear, it’ll work like bank

LOL I’ll try it.

The video continues to rapidly rise in views!

Great video Jason. That was a very good idea the way you concentrated it down the “funnel” and split the surface area in half :+1: Really cleared up the differences in table surfaces. Glad I got the Dragon Wagon!

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Cool product and great demonstration!

I’m super curious about details of what the coating is (chemically/metallurgically) and how the treatment is performed. I’d understand if you don’t want to reveal the secret sauce, but the part of my brain that is always curious about how things work would be sad if you couldn’t say anything.

how is this different than teflon coating like on a frying pan?

I have no idea? We don’t make frying pans.

Great video thanks

ma gets mad when I use a metal spatula on a teflon coated frying pan but not the table

If your ma caught you scraping the table with her spatula, I bet she would in fact, be mad.

She wouldn’t be worried about the table however.

Damn, cant believe everyone asked for smaller more affordable and tables. Jason over delivered with this. I can actually justify one of these now…

You need to get a muppet version of yourself and plop him behind that tiny weld table used in the video. I kinda picture a swedish chef version of you with little monster squares and a welder.

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Noob ? : my welding table has the scale ground off so i just attach a ground clamp to it and weld anything I put on it. Does this coating act like mill scale or can i just attach a ground to the table as well? (is it conductive?)