Dragon wagon Setups

How many dragon wagon tops can you/should you pair together with only 4 legs? Example: (3) 30x54 tops with 4 legs vs with 6 legs like in your bigger tables?

2 tables 4 legs is fine. Use bolts at the joint for a stronger connection.

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Does this still apply even if they’re connected along the short edge?

I’d use 6 legs if you combine them end to end. These are 1/2 thick castings. If you had the 1”thick pro series then you can do it with 4.

Glad I asked! I plan to put my 2 2’x3’ tables in an L shape and use 6 legs and build slag trays, drawers, and shelves to mount to the legs.

@Fireball_Jason Can you tell me if my hunch is correct that the legs bolt to the table with 1/2" or 3/8" bolts on a 5" square spacing with the holes on the edge 1/2" from the outside edge of the table(and the leg tubes are mounted in the center of the plate)? I think Victor may have misunderstood or gotten the wrong answer from “the engineering team” when I asked him via email, he said they were “.750” hole diameters, 2 inch spacing" to keep it consistent with the top, which doesn’t make any sense looking at the table bottom in pictures.

If I get these dimensions I can start the design process for leg mounted table accessories. And if you guys have the bandwidth, I bet other guys would find it useful too if you put it on the simple CAD drawing on the product page, especially given that the tops can be purchased without legs and guys may choose to build their own.


Started tweaking my fixture block pins to use in the clamps. Just for the occasion you want it to stay where you left it time and again… yes I have 3/4 wing nuts on order now :money_with_wings:


That’s looks handy

Laser cutting some table extensions to hold my press brake and hand shear for when i need it.

That should work pretty good. Are you planning to bolt them down when you use them?

Can I ask why you chose that brake setup over some of the other options in the sub $1000 range?

Yeah I’ll bolt it down. This press brake has 5/8 holes so I’ll have to open em. I didn’t really shop around for press brakes. I saw this and liked the construction of it and the fact I’d just have to pull it out of the box and get to work. It was $800 with the v block. I could have just got the HF 20T bottle jack but i sourced a gray one from Sonic Tools for it to match the base of the brake. I’m still waiting for that to come in tho.

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