How do I get a hold of someone in customer services

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I left a vm at your shop phone with my direct phone line so please give me a call back when you can so we can get this sorted, thanks!

Thank you

Someone at custom service got back to me and helped me.
After talking with them we just need to learn
Jason is killing it in sales.
All of your question will be answered and you will get helped they are going down the list
Of calls, very nice people!
They are just short handed and
Just like everywhere else no one wants to work
Anymore. So finding help takes time.


Pretty much sounds like what I expected was going on, growing pains. Success can be hard to manage till the speed of growth gets under control. It’s just about the best problem you can have as a business as long as you get to the point where you catch up.

I’m just waiting for a reply email from Victor and I’ll be contributing to that out of control success Jason’s having. I’ve got an absurd cart I’m waiting to check out on, it’s like 64 items.

Wow 64!
Show us the lot when you get it

Mostly stops, clamps and fixtures along with 2 of the 2’x3’ Dragon Wagons.


Kevin, thanks for sharing your experience along with the informative follow-up conversation you had.

I know that I’ve been quite surprised to read of people’s challenges with Fireball’s customer service because my own experience with their customer service has been excellent: regardless of how I initiated contact (phone or e-mail), I was talking with Jessica within a day and whatever the issue was got resolved with a friendly conversation. Guessing that my interactions were before the call volume went up. It seems natural that larger sales volumes would certainly contribute to more customer service interactions.

Three cheers for the team at Fireball Tool: great products, great service, and the willingness to learn and adjust to growth!!



I just experienced the same thing as you Whitesteel. I have an appointment with Victor for a call back today and I believe all will be resolved. As long as there is product left to buy after mRhAnKbOt puts his 64 item order in! :laughing:

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Cart’s up to 68… Waiting is bad news for this year’s tools budget…

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@VC3 @Fireball_Jason @Fireball_Wyatt

I’m still waiting on a reply back from Victor to my email on 1/10, and my followup email asking for a reply on 1/12. I just tried calling and the phone lines still don’t connect you to anyone, you just end up at voicemail. I’m getting nervous you guys are going to lose my sale if I don’t get a response soon. If the Dragon Wagon goes out of stock because I can’t get a reply in time I won’t be waiting for them to come back in stock, I’ll be buying a fixture table and tooling somewhere else. Siegmund has their 2’x3’ tables on sale right now for similar money, and though I’d rather support Fireball Tool, customers also need support.

And just so we’re clear, it’s not like I’m a $50 customer (not that it should matter). If I can get my order complete I’ll have spent a little over $10k with Fireball Tool in one year.

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I just replied to your email. Sorry for the delay. Let mew know if you have any additional questions!

Thank you Victor, I’ve replied and placed my order. Sorry to prod, but as I said in my email I was nervous I was running out of time for the 2x3 tables to be in stock.

I have a hell of a shop project ahead of me to make room for the new tables and design and build drawers and shelves for them for after I get them bolted together, but it’s the best kind of stress in the world, new project stress.

Glad I could spend my money with Fireball Tool, I believe in you guys and the fact that you try and design no compromise products.

As a counterpoint to the number of issues that have been raised about customer service…

Last week I ordered a set of the mini maximus clamps & this morning decided to see if I could get another set added to the order as it had yet to be fulfilled. I used the “chat with us” feature when looking at my order to leave a message requesting to add another set of clamps to the order. Within a few hours I had confirmation via e-mail that the order had been updated and there was an additional invoice awaiting payment. No drama, Fireball Customer Service is on the ball! :+1: :+1:



Awesome! I’m hoping that soon this will be the only kind of report we get about their CS. I’m truly excited for my new stuff, and happy with my older stuff, so I can’t wait to see what they come out with this year!

Many websites have a “We are Hiring” but I did not see that on the webpage. It seams a lot of people would want to work for such a place.

We have people currently in the hiring process. Thank you for the suggestion!

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So , l give up on customer support. That is mt first and last order with Fireball Tool!

Mine took about 30 days to get a call back and email.
But it was fixed and I was not dying by not
Have a combo square. I will still order from them.
Can you imagine back when everything was by horse and buggy,and you had to wait for a part for months.
Or just not that long ago sending a letter could take a week and then another week to hear back.
I think people… myself included want everything now and have forgotten how blessed we are

I’m sure @VC3 will help you at some point.

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