Introducing Our Brand New MINI Maximus Clamps! - VIDEO INSIDE

If you’ve seen our Maximus Clamps then you’ll be excited to hear that we have brand new Mini Maximus Clamps available! Get 4 Pairs (8 Arms) for $65 USD!

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And to think, just in time to use the wifes “homemade” Christmas present

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Definitely plan to snag a set. The originals are a tad larger than I can see using regularly, but these look just right for light and medium duty work.

Are they forged steel or ductile cast iron?

These are forged steel


This price is for 4 clamps as a reminder.

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I have a new tool idea for you that I have 3D printed and tested that every fabrication company should have if you would like to email me I would be happy to share my idea with you

@Fireball_Jason do you have a recommendation between Hot Rolled A-36 or Cold Finished 1018 for use with these clamps?

No preference, cold rolled might be a little bit stronger. Both work great.

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