Milling Vises

Does anyone have a good lead on milling vises that won’t break the bank and is a low profile the best way to go in a CNC machine? I get Kurt makes one but I just can not justify $1K for a vise. I was hoping to spend 2-300ish

I have a few magnum vises. Pretty good quality for the money. Price is in your ballpark. Shop around the internet for the best price.

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That’s a great find. Thanks for the link

I bought a Tegara 5” vise from Shars and have been impressed with the quality. It’s not as nice as my little Kurt 4” vise, but it’s square and true.

I prefer to buy American made when possible but was not aware of Magnum when I bought the Tegara, or I’d have looked closely at them first. Still, another option. Shars maintains quality control on their stuff.

Also Glacern Machine Tool. American company with high quality machine vises - less expensive than Kurt. I’m a fan of Kurt what them being local to me and all, but they command a premium - for a reason.

Anyway - Glacern in case this is of interest:

I like Kurt as well but I also like Lamborghini but I just cant see swinging that kind of cash for something I most definitely will abuse.
I am also a big fan of buying made in America stuff but it is not easy to find anymore and the costs are ludicrous albeit I think by design. I am going to purchase a new Fireball vise in a week or 2 and I am pretty sure they are not made here either.
I am definitely looking at those Glacern vises even though they are a little pricey as well but I really like all the accessories they offer.
The Shars are looking good but they are out of stock on everything.