What scale or ruler works in the Fireball Tool Combo square?

I get this question all the time, The quick answer is Yes most scales or rulers that are 1’’ wide and have the grove in the center works. Scales from Starrett, Mitutoyo, empire, or cheap rulers work. Its recommended that you calibrate or check the scale if you change blades. I’ve seen .005 difference in width between manufactures. This dimension effects the edge of the blade. It will be recessed, flush or stick out of the body of the square. I recommend a quick adjustment if any of these conditions occur. The blade is flush with the body in this photo.


Will we be able to buy just the ruler.
I have one of the combination squares
But I would like to buy the other sizes.
The cool case you sale
I got one the just holds the square but I seen that you have one that holds more blades, but I dont see how we can buy just the blades to make the same set up in the fireball tools store

Yes will have a 16, and 24” available shortly. I’ll make it public when they are available with a case.


Great! Can’t wait

Do you have plans to make a smaller
Combination square? Like a mini one
6” blade

Love the combo square!
But when In this position it will not stay up rite
Tips over aluminum one I think is to light
Does anyone have cast iron one and have the same problem
It not a deal breaker at all still a sweet square

I use the mini tabs provided with the square to solve the problem.