Replacing Monster Square with Mutant Square

I’m considering phasing out the Monster square and permanently replacing it with the more useful Mutant square. What are your thoughts?

As a purchaser of your products I want all options I can get I like the monster that I have and when I need it is great. The option of the 12 to the 4 in size range is epic. I have not yet used the mutant though I am grateful for the option to me the larger squares are excellent when I am making larger profiles like the image of the vanity I am attempting to attach and I really like the minions a small version of the mutant with different angles… ha-ha kinda sorta. Yes Jason as a end user and buyer of your products I like the variety. I would say though as a business man if the cost out weighs the benefit I would drop the products that are not pulling there weight. This said I haven’t bought any of the aluminum models yet and though I see benefits in them I really dislike aluminum for the most part for tooling in fab context unless as a heat sink or backer when welding certian things as it damages so easily. Thanks for all the great products you offer

@Smoke-and-Mirrors When I first set out to replace the steel kit squares with cast iron and aluminum, I didn’t think anyone would want the aluminum version. To this day it’s about a 50/50 split on popularity. I get asked to give a suggestion on what material they should buy. That’s a hard answer, but generally cast iron for durability, aluminum for portability and cost savings.

I completely understand. I have thought that the aluminum would be handy for the field tool kit and there is a part of me that still says don’t be a whiner just take the FE chances of it getting dropped either way are high. I do still think for the excellent heat sink and beneficial backer qualities especially for SS it is a great companion to have in the tool box! thank you for this great forum and these excellent tools

I don’t have either product, however I think the Mutant Square appears more flexible. It is on the short list along with Magic Square for my shop. It seems you need two Monster squares to do with what a single mutant can do… I love your tool concepts and unbelieveable value when you compare to the competition. Any chance you will do 3/4" fixture and drill plate. I’m really at a crossroads on 3/4 versus 5/8. You make compelling arguements for the 3/4 but then it seems the lineup isn’t fully rounded out yet.

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@jbaigis17 we got a couple more parts coming this fall to round out a couple more of the edge cases on table fixtures. As it is, our standard kits provide more capability than other brands.

Once the new parts come out I feel confident that the Fireball 3/4" system provides the most options, and is also easier to use. Other brands have a lot of part numbers and components, but our parts provide more features and modularity.

All my square are aluminum. If I ever get any dings in the machined surfaces I will hit them with some precision stones. These are what I use:

I have both the monster and mutant squares and I think if the mutant was offered in all different sizes you could phase out the monster. I prefer the mutant over the monster for 45’s and 90’s and can’t think of a use where the monster would be better than the mutant.

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2 questions, do you think there would be enough room to reasonably get a tig torch in there if you clamped to the surfaces outlined in red. And 2nd question what is the odd shaped tab for in the top left corner

@Jglenn76 This is a great question, I reposted it since this thread’s question is not related to your comment and therefore might not be answered. This will help us stay on topic.

I personally love all of my monster squares and mutant squares. The thing I like about the monster square is if clamping on a 45, you can make sure where the joint comes together that you are still at a tight 45. I have the mega squares also, and I find myself steering away from them when choosing which ones to use because it seems like of all of my fab squares that is the only one that I find myself clamping joints out of square +/- a degree just because the square doesn’t go all the way back to a hard 90 and is cut off. It seems like accuracy of the 90 degree corner improves whenever you can clamp very close to where the joint meets rather than on the mega square it being a few inches away from the corner before you can see how the joint looks. I use them all though and it is drastically changed the way I fabricate.


So youre saying the monster square might be going on closing sale???

I use all aluminum 8" suite my needs in most cases I like the mutant’s look but I think the monsters are a better value for me in the 8" size Victor thinks the mutants are a great deal ! I am thinking not so much but I like em all !!!

They both are useful and have their place. I decided to organize my welding area.