Square upgrade

Hey Jason, I just purchased a bunch of your squares. I like them very much. I am a fan of your YouTube channel and enjoy striving for precision as well. Anyway I thought I would share something with you that would be a nice upgrade and easy to do. The holes in this square are not wide enough to be able to use the clamps. Picture attached. I am working on a project using 1"x1" aluminum angle and it would be nice to be able to get the clamp through the hole. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I like to use the square flipped over. The tabs can be on the bottom or the top. This is the way it’s designed to be used. The open face allows any size clamp.


Is that one of the smaller mega squares with the large Mantis grip pliers? If so, try the small mantis grips, they fit through the small aluminum squares if you tilt them through.

The Minions and the larger squares fit the larger Mantis Grip pliers.

Ha! I missed the obvious answer to his picture by focusing on his suggestion. :joy:

Henry those hands look painful!


These are the small pliers. It would be an easy fix.

They fit, you just tilt the pad through, that’s why I showed the picture with it through the small magic square. Nothing to fix that wouldn’t also slightly weaken the square.

It was worse after the bike crash, pain from surgery actually hasn’t been too bad. Being sick the last 6 days on top of surgery Tuesday though… I’m just about to lose my mind from not being able to work on anything.