If you had to only get one, would you pick the Mega, Monster, Mutant, or Magic square for versatility, and why?

I’m thinking it the Magic one might be the best bet for versatility since I don’t know what I’m going to need at this point. However, I wanted to get other’s thoughts as well. Also how do you know when you may need the 12" vs the 8"?

Only one? Biggest mega you can justify in whatever material you prefer would be my recommendation. Get a magic square second if looking to maximize versatility, unless you really need it for specific work that’s not 45°, 90°, 135° or 180°, in which case I can see the justification for getting it first.

The reason for a big mega first is that it’s one of the strongest of the squares and can do any angle that’s a multiple of 45°, which makes it the most useful for the common angles, with nothing to set or that can go out of adjustment. You know you need the 8" if the 12" won’t fit where you need it, otherwise there’s no penalty for it being larger.

After a big mega, then a magic, I’d get a pair of Minions for the 30°, 60°, 90° capabilities and the value you get by getting a pair for what they cost.


I bought a set of 8" mega and monster squares back in '18 when I first heard of them, and you got a sticker with your purchase lol. And while Ive used the crap out of them, probably used the mega slightly more. Next months order might have a mutant one to give a try. Last fall I got a set of minions and a magic as well. And Ive got more use from a minion after a little setup, as a short or tall riser to rest my tig hand on…handy for everything :+1: Jason, if you read this, Im curious when you first started selling the monster and mega’s?

Agree here, the mega is stout, you can square up thin and thick iron with it, and if a Bear ever wanders into your shop, you might have a fighting chance with the mega in cast iron.

I got one of those too! Should 100% bring some stickers back! the big comic book looking dragon on the Fireball tool shirt would be slick!

I find myself doing weird angles or in tighter situations. So the magic square is constantly being used. So much so if i buy another square. Itll probably be another magic square.

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I did end up getting a couple of the smallest (due to budget) mega squares as what I need to make right now only have 90 & 45 angles. I almost did the magic square but I’m also just starting out so I thought it may be good to make sure I don’t have anything that will move on me for this initial build. I’m thinking magic square is my next one when I can afford it.

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Sounds like you chose wisely based on doing mostly 45° and 90° work.