Inside clamping dimensions on the Mega Squares

I weld a lot of 1"x 2" tubing using butt joints in corners. I align them so that they are lying flat on their 2" side and then the 1" side is welded to the end of the other tube. I hope this makes since. I need to know the dimensions of the inside clamping area of the Mega Squares so I can choose the smallest square that will still have an adequate reference area to clamp to.

I’m too old to just buy “the BIGGEST” anymore. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

My original Monster Square (Cast iron), as great as it is, has been getting a bit heavy lately. :cry:

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Here’s some photos of the corner clearance.

Mega 4’’

Mega 6

Mega 8’’

Mutant 10’’

Magic 8"

3 axis outside

3 axis inside

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Thank Jason for the quick reply. In the picture are the dimensions I needed. I’m looking for outside corner support.