Video Discussion: "Office Build Episode 2: The Doors"

What did you think? Which part was your favorite? Did you learn anything new? Are there any questions you have? Ask away!

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Great video! Also, really fortuitous timing for me. I am working on a large traveling immersive art installation, we are turning a single-wide manufactured home into an abandoned spaceship. I am getting ready to build a pair of sliding door for the ship very similar to the doors in the video. Instead of a waterjet we are using a big ShopBot, but otherwise my design of layered plywood laminations is really similar to the process from the video.

I had intended to install these doors on linear rails and just have them manually operated, but after watching the video I am interested in those hardware kits you found on eBay.

Before I do, do you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions now that you have already done the whole install? Would you still buy the same hardware if you had to do it again? Is the plywood groove on the bottom adequate for that pin or might I be happier installing delrin wear plates?

If you’re interested, we are documenting the art installation build at: Itinerant Immersive - YouTube



Good question. I’ll tag @Fireball_Jason to see if he has any input!
I know he really liked that rail hardware kit from eBay and would recommend it, even in retrospect.
Awesome project undertaking too, it’ll be neat to see how it turns out.

This meme didn’t make the final cut of the video but it was too good to keep to myself.



I can empathize! We’ve been building gusset sections to do a curved transition between the walls and the ceilings. Each one is four feet wide and at this point we’ve made something like 30 of them. I walked into the building after I’d asked folks to move them all out of the workshop and had that same “getting out of hand” feeling.

@BEzzell Sounds like a cool project. I look forward to checking it out. Yes buy the door hardware will save you a ton of time. The lack of instructions for the motor control was a little frustrating at first but once we figured it out its been great.


Did you think of doing something like a honeycomb core between the two pieces of plywood for the doors…?

BTW….I thought the result was truly amazing. 10/10

I wondered if you thought about having an optional sound system so when you are showing off the doors they can make appropriate sounds but when you’re working they can be silent. Would love them to have a sunny disposition just like h2g2. H2G2 doors - YouTube


I am building out the doors for my spaceship art installation now, and as I am assembling the hardware from Olide I realized that they don’t provide a power supply, and the documentation is… garbage. What power supply did you all use?