What Is Your Favorite Fireball Video? - VIDEO INSIDE

One of my favorite videos to film and edit at Fireball Tool was actually one of my first; Will Stelter’s Anvil Restoration:

We didn’t know that he was going to be visiting the shop until an hour before he arrived. We weren’t even sure at first if we’d be able to make a video out of the visit, but everything fell into place. I had a blast learning about anvils and more that day, and throughout the research process while editing.

If you have any questions about this video, please leave them below!

Also let me know what your favorite Fireball video is and why,


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One of my favorites to produce was the propeller bicycle episode of the Popular Mechanics build series:

This was my first foray into music production for Fireball videos (see 28:00) and I have enjoyed it ever since. Plus, I was able to connect with an old colleague who works as & with professional cyclists! This was the first Fireball video that felt like a bona fide “production.” I really felt like we hit a stride with the way this video was assembled in the edit.


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