What Makes One Fab Shop More Professional Than The Next? - How Can I Tell As A Customer?

How do I as a customer tell the difference in quality from one fab shop to another? How am I supposed to find out what shop to hire? I would love to know what you guys think and how a customer is supposed to determine this.

Basic cleanliness and organization. Not a guarantee, but if they’re paying attention to those details, they’re probably paying attention to others too.

Not talking eat off the floor clean, just obvious that people take pride in their shop.

I always look at welds when I hang out at the shops.
A fixture table is always cool to see but if it’s a cheap table you get cheap parts.
after watching fireballs tools
And buying his tools my work quality has improved
A 100%

I would say (IMO) “professional” and “precision” specifically regarding part tolerance are almost entirely uncorrelated. But how to know ahead of time that you will get quality for your money is a hard question. Nothing beats reputation.