Who would like to see a part 3 of pros vs fixture table?

Who likes the idea of giving 3 more different pro/fabrication shops a chance to redeem themselves? Or did I go to far on part 2? Next time the object will be more difficult. Let me remind everyone of the objective. Shops must NOT have a fixture table, they must build 2 parts. Everyone says the 4 sided frame is to still easy. Shops won’t know they are being tested or judged just like the real world. Everyone will remain anonymous to not hurt any feelings or detour business. Well let’s see what happens when things get a little tricky. Skill vs fixture table part 3


I’d like to see it. Been half thinking about attempting a frame myself. I’ve got enough projects as it is though.


I think you should. It’s a great test.


I think it’s a good idea. Another example of reality vs. perception.


I could use the practice, that’s for sure.
Alright, we’ll see what the week brings. Maybe try that wire feed machine that’s lurking by the bench.

Document the process Id like to see it

I’ll film it as I go for sure. It’ll be interesting to see how close I can get it (and how long it takes) as welded before resorting to straightening.

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The requirement that they not have a fixture table would mean that I would be skipped because I have and would use a fixture table, my “shop” is a two car garage but I have found that the table is one of the required skill sets for best results.

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Without feedback to the shops you’re missing a big part of the whole “testing”. Even if you don’t document it on YouTube, you need to lass your knowledge back to them so they have a chance to improve… even if it is an email staiting that what they made was “out of speck in the following areas…” At the end of the day, even if they do have "40 years of experience " if no one has ever told them that the parts they make are more worped then a pretzel how can they improve?


how do you know shops NOT have a fixture table ?
U to now I expect all professional weld shops already have fixture table. (Meaning real professional shops, not stupid amateurs, just “act as welders”

@PetrD Simple, we ask them what table they have.

I’d like to see the next round of results. As a occasional fabricator, for myself, I find it very informative.

not to be a wet blanket here, but the jury has already delivered its verdict: a fixture table is part of a pro setup. Building without it is shooting blanks, as far as I’m concerned. I’m a retired gunsmith. I don’t think any gunsmith anywhere has successfully chambered a rifle barrel without the help of a metal lathe. Get the right tools if you want to be called a pro.

But I do love the videos…


Are you going to change the direction of Fireball Tool? Checking if other Fabs can or cannot create items to specs might be interesting - but for what? You already have results for a “simple pair of frames”. And you got feedback from your viewers about these products. May be see by state?
I would rather see ordinary people - like your video guy, use and learn to use the right tools to make good products.

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@Fireball_Jason I think weve bullied the professionals enough. I say we have ourselves a little competition.

A competition anyone on this forum can participate in,

For those brave enough to try. They build the square(or whatever design jason deems) on their homemade D.I.Y welding table. Youre allowed to use whatever tool you want. BUT you have to use the table surface for what sets the flatness. (No three point method.) Participants have to record the building process and end the video with a signature on their piece.

:triangular_flag_on_post:The winner gets your table. :triangular_flag_on_post:The stakes are high, and I know id be thoroughly entertained​:beers:


yeah, it doesnt hurt to challenge different companies, and you are trying to educate people on rhe value of owning a fixture table.

I’ve got good news for everyone in this thread…

Without a fixture table they will fail of course. Run this on shops with a fixture table and see if they can compensate for distortion or even if they know how to properly use their table and tools.

What would be interesting and marketing idea. Take a fixture table to those same shops and see if it is a variable to them doing better work.

I wonder if getting 6 examples done. 3 with fixture tables and 3 without. To see the difference between the two.

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