What other tools should fireball tool make?

Every time i use my squares on tubes i get by with shims. But there are times where its not feasible or possible. A square that would sit on some 1¾ tube as easily as it does on 2in square would be interesting

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Maybe an adjustable arm rest for fixture tables? I really struggle to find a well-braced, relaxed position at times. Pretty much of a noob, so I’m hoping that this will get sorted after more time with the torch. You people who can TIG free-hand really annoy me.

I bet you can make one
Wouldn’t be to hard

The bar clamps make a decent armrest when you’re welding on the table FYI. With various chunks of scrap it’s also very adjustable.

Yeah, even a chunk of 4x4 lumber is surprisingly useful. Just a thought, probably most interesting to folks on the low side of the learning curve.

MIG and TIG torch holders that drop into the fixture table holes rather than being magnetic. I saw one on the site this morning that was sold out, and a bit too basic, but it’s definitely a good idea to start from!

When are we gonna see that pivoting vice base you build available!? That thing is awesome, I considered making one but when I finaly buy my 5” inch fireball vice I want the base to look as good as the vice! Quit frankly if Jason sold mig wire i’ld buy it from him! One stop shop!

I have all but one of the plates cut, but had surgery on my thumb on Tuesday, which unfortunately means I won’t be welding anything for a while.

I made this chain wrench can I get your opinions

Nice, I have some chain off a hay bailer I can make one of those out off!

I’d love to see 5/8" cast tower blocks offered!

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