What's Stopping You From Getting a Professional Fixture Table?

@Fireball_Jason I just ordered a ton of your pieces for the Langmuir tables I have. Seem to work fine but had to order WeldTables FabBolt to hold down the tooth blocks (the ones I ordered from you almost 7 weeks ago are still not here)… I did find that several of the screw on pins for the blocks were a hair too big to fit the holes though (3 out of the 40 or so that I received)

@MarkFehrle yeah we’ve had a few 16mm pins that got mixed in with the 5/8 unfortunately. Give us a call tomorrow during business hours and we can get you replacements.

The cost so I have decided to build one myself BUT I NEED ACCESSORIES AND YOUR OUT OF EVERYTHING??

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We should have everything back in stock at the end of the week.


The cost is the main factor keeping me from purchasing a fixture table currently. Also the work I’m doing is for my own use and doesn’t warrant that level of accuracy but it would be nice to have.


@MarkFehrle you can talk to customer service about the pins, we had a minor mixup of some pins.

We make two sizes of pins for 5/8 and 16mm, which are just differnet by .005, and they got co-mingled in storage bins before we realized what happened and went to sort them out. Going forward we’re adding an extra groove on the 16mm for better visual identification, but I think that’s what happened to the items you received.

Also when we tested the Langmuir tables their hole sizes were in between the sizes normally used on 5/8 and 16mm tables, not sure if you have any ID or pin gauges, would be interested to see what the holes on your table measure to see if things have changed.

Regarding the tacking bolts, we’re ramping up production to get those out, if you still want some let me know and I can let our customer service know when we get some back in stock.

Hey and thanks for contacting me. So far I have 5 pins that are too big, but since i ordered 2 extra packs of them it really isnt too big of a deal. I would much rather have the rest of my order you guys owe me LOL I have ordered and paid for the tacking bolts about 2 months ago, that is why I am bitter I had to drop another $63 on 2 from weld tables…

I measured about a dozen holes in my table, and most are .06262 and a two .0627. If you need anything else off of it just let me know! I wear a XXL hahahahaha

I have tons of your squares and other tools along with now the fixture table pieces and can honestly say they seem like exhalent products, just need to work on some inventory/shipping problems.


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I ended up purchasing 16 12X24 fixture plates from fireball before I knew a full table was coming out. If I hadn’t bought those I definitely would have picked up the table. I’ve had the plates for awhile now but due to moving hadn’t had the chance to build it yet. Once its complete I’ll post some pictures

Would love to buy a full decked out welding table , but im in Mexico and shipping is a pain plus customs and broker fees make it so hard .

Plus funds to actually buy the biggest with all the tooling to cry only once.

Only the price holds me back - and then only because I’m making idle bits of this and that for fun - so I can’t justify the expenditure. But having a flat table sure would be nice. As it is I will likely just get a piece of tooling plate for on top of my lightweight fixture table. Unless I win the lottery, then it will be a different story.

 I am a beginner who did alittle mig back in the 90's working for a General Contractor.  I just purchased a Miller Multimatic 220 to replace my pickup bed rails (1st project on deck) and want to get back into welding.  I absoltely love the organization of the Fireball Table system and must have watch 10 hrs of youtube videos reseaching fixture tables.   I was thinking of purchasing the studs and making my own table then saw the 3- 24"x12" plate table topper.  I only wish the holes were 3/4" on the topper so I could then expand right into the bigger 3/4" table without purchasing 5/8" fixtures.  So basically the topper would serve as a stepping stone to a bigger 3/4" table. My budget is around $1,500 for a work surface and starting set of fixtures.

I’ll have a small topper in 3/4 in the next few months. That would be perfect to jump into first


That would be perfect!

My wife.


Huh. I didn’t know about those toppers either. That may be the least expensive but still high precision answer to my non flat table top problem.

There’s a lot of new stuff in the Fireball tools store since I was last in there. Should check in more often I guess.

I can’t imagine any reason why you wouldn’t want to jig your work… time is money, and accuracy is customers…if you can’t afford one then you are a hobbyist…nothing new here, just advanced innovation… if you aren’t building accurately then there is a CNC down the street in your neighbor’s garage that will

Space is quite the issue for me, despite having a great sized shop its full of my favorite vehicles ive built the last couple of years. The smaller fixture table is about the size of my current table. (Slat style table) however there are many times i think about selling a car to not only create space, but provide the funds for the big table. :thinking:

This question really puts ones life into perspective… I finally got a pair of 1"x2"x3" blocks from Grizzly a few years ago, I was so thrilled. Now I’m watching Jason show off his gorgeous 8.5’ x 4.5’ x 0.5’ blocks he had made himself.

Beautiful work Jason!

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Is there a way to purchase some of these 16mm pins to use with 16 mm table?

Proud hobbyist here! But this hobbyist saves a whole lot of money by accurately fabricating his own race car parts LOL