What's Stopping You From Getting a Professional Fixture Table?

I have to agree, space it what is really holding me up from getting even the small table. I totally see the value in fixturing. It can clearly turn my hobbies into really quality things.

“Space the final frontier” - funny how many things become limited by space… :slight_smile: In my life I’ve built 4 different garage/shops. Each one gets progressively larger, yet I am always out of space. Ideally I need a 4 “garage” (note not bays) property with one bedroom house, versus the standard 3 or 4 bedroom house and a garage.

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Price is what stopping me but I see y’all will be releasing smaller more affordable ones so I am anxiously waiting to see what you guys come out with.

Metric offset, the ease setting up you’re table is truly impressive of course you made it imperial, helaas for the european marked

@rejaho the inch system being fractional has made things like tooth block design a lot easier.

What do you think is the optimal system for metric tooth blocks, 2mm or 2.5mm spacing?

The benefit of 2.5mm is that you can hit increments like 15 and 25 more easily and also more typical numbers like 10 and 20. It can also hit a half increment and “split” a number like 25 in half to 12.5

The benefit of 2mm is you always have a whole number (no 0.5mm increments) but then it is difficult to achieve numbers like 15 or 25.

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The metric system is based on decimals we used to think in 10 figures, My first hunch is 2 mm, but a half decimal is interesting I have to think about that almost every measurement ends in 0 or 5 so therefore ……. This is a head breaker I have to come back at that

Just a hobbyist myself. Ordered the Magic Pack Plus, Shim kit, and the Maximus Clamps awhile back. Number one issue for me is price and second would be space. But the 3/4" Table Topper… I am very keen to get onto! It will allow me to slowly build out a fuller table and clamp inventory as budget allows. also having the ability to be relatively mobile is desirable as I don’t have a dedicated workspace. Also in the future if I can upgrade to the full size tables all my current investment in clamps and blocks will not be lost. I have seen 5/8 24x12 fixture plates but don’t wont to invest in the 5/8 system if a 3/4 Topper is a possibility. Thank you making excellent products.

@Mitchell Yes fireball 3/4 smaller tables are coming. I’ll release more information as we get closer to the launch date in the next few months.


Price mostly. I don’t have a place for it, but if I could afford one, I’d get it.

I’m a total noob hobbyist looking for around a 3’x4’ table (small space), with preferably 5/8" or 16mm holes, that I can learn on and keep (for when I become an accomplished Christmas present maker (what I’ll probably fab most)).
Why 5/8" or 16mm? Cheaper fixture items. I’ll use the table and it’s supporting tools maybe 5 times a year?
The welder, the table, the whole shop is a toy for me. I like to buy once/cry once, but I’ve limits on what I can afford to spend on hobby stuff.

Your in luck! We just released a 2 small table sizes for welders just like you. We call it the dragon wagon.

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Someone is up and on the forums early :wink:

I like that table! I’m okay with 3/4" holes, but why only one row on the sides? Seems that would make it hard to mount a stable fixture?
Can I pre-order?
Can I pick it up (I’m on the west side of the Cascades)?
What’s shipping on that?
What is the “accessory kit”?
What is the single post off topic question limit?

Any chance to make it 3’x4’, just noticed it was 2’x3’ and that seems to small for me.

We have this 54”x30 also.

The single hole still allows for clamps, accessories and the ability to combine tables.

The sides would need to be 6in tall to have 2 holes. This would greatly increase the cost to manufacture and the weight. The idea is to keep the cost low for entry level tables.

If the sides are important to your building process id suggest jumping up to the pro line table. It offers the side wall strength and size to utilize the sides appropriately.

Yes you can pre order. Just give us a call.
We ship from a warehouse in L.A.
Shipping is normally 3-500

I think one of those 54 X 30 tables is in my future. :+1:

Very exciting! It looks like a tank. It is just funny calling it standard duty while I am looking at my l
Langmuir System table.

P.S. The Fireball’s website plays tricks on me! Whenever I go to “All Products” and change the “Sort by: Date, new to old,” it does not show the new stuff.

I’m an engineer working with a small shop fabricating structural steel for the zipline/challenge course industry. We have a 50’x70’ shop with about 4 workmen and a plasma table. Much of the work is tall columns or deck frames. Some subassemblies could and should be welded on a fixture table but most of the work is much too big.
I’d love to get a fixture table and all the fixings though, it would get used. It pains me to see the improvised jigs they come up with though that’s better than nothing.
But more important for us is to gradually get more of the clamping squares - we just bought our first Fireball combo square and clamping square. Cost is also an issue - though inaccuracy costs even more when there’s cranes and ironworkers involved.

  1. No room
  2. Price
  3. No need. I can get close enough with my Fireball squares for what I do.

I’m a hobbyist, I would love to have a table and get off the concrete floor I’m currently welding on. The price is prohibitive. Soooo I had a plate of high carbon steel and I researched cutting 2” oc holes. Plasma will distort the plate and water jet too expensive. Most of the work I do is 90 and 45’s so I modified the hole pattern - I still have 2” oc but in linear strips across the plate but with 60% less holes. This allows the cheaper plasma cut but no distortion. I will add an apron to get 90 degs over the edge. The holes are accurate enough for my work and I can always my use FB squares. I bought the FB clamp kit and will figure out shims like Jason uses in his videos to raise the material.

They are never in stock.

I’ve read most of the responses to the question asked in this thread. Here is mine.

My father is a 35 year metal fabricator and builds on a 2" plate steel table, 5’x9’ in size. Growing up he taught me (still teaching) how to fabricate and how metal reacts to inputs. I picked up machining and learned about precision and tolerances. (GD&T)

Too many times we need a table that will physically not move. A table that will take abuse of sledge hammers, chains, pulling, pushing, heating, beating, and lots more beating. We do a fair amount of press brake work, thin sheet metal to 1/2" mostly. We need a table to beat on, hammer parts “flat”, “square”, or pull them around/together. Then clear off a section of the table to tear down a leaky hydraulic cylinder or repair a gear box from the shredder. It’s more than a “fabrication” table.

Our plate steel tables are not flat, the surface is not perfect, one corner of the table has sagged about 1/16" from so much hammering on that specific corner. Would a Fireball Tool fixture table hold up to the abuse? I would hate to spend $10k to find out.