Why choose the fireball table over the competition

Our company is looking to implement a fixture table into our shop and i have narrowed down the selection to a fireball table or a siegmund table. Would love to hear the pros of purchasing the fireball table as the support from quantum machinery was able to provide me with a list of reasons they believe their table is superior. Would love to go with the fireball because they are locally made and seem like a smaller more personable company and we prefer to buy American made.

@caz. I’ve had the awesome opportunity to look, test and compare every fixture table made. Every table has a weakness in some area, flatness, material, coating, size, hole size, tooling choices, leg options, price and support. I can confidently say the fireball is the best overall table in every area. As far as support goes, we’re here to help with educating you with videos to improve your fixture skills. Also platforms like this forum to get help or answer questions and also take suggestions to improve the product. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on the two systems your considering. Or help explain the difference. It can get confusing at times.

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Unfortunately i can’t get one of your tables shipped here in australia so had to order a Siegmund system 28. I swear you used to have a video where you compared several fixture tables but i cant find it. I’ve rewatched every video of yours looking for it but all I’ve found is a few videos referencing it.

ULTIMATE WELDING TABLE REVIEW. - YouTube i think thats what your looking for. I had the same problem finding it a while back so i saved the link

It seems that a lot of the necessary fixtures are out of stock online. Is there an update on when some of the 79 piece kits will be back in stock?

Thanks! It wont even come up for me if i search the name. But just glad i can watch it again

@McSweld Were in the process of transferring videos over from YouTube to the Fireball tool website. I’ll update when the video is available.

@caz the Fireball table system is simply the fastest system to use. The Fireball Tooth Block is revolutionary. There is simply no table system that is so easy to use and get known spacing without needing to measure or fiddle around.

System 16 is weak. Fireball 3/4 has same hole pattern but way stronger fixtures.
System 28 holes too far apart. Fireball 3/4 has double the number of holes in same thickness table. Fireball fixtures have same thickness and strength, but better control because Fireball table holes are 2" apart vs 4"(competition), our fixture holes are 1" apart vs 2" (competition).

Siegmund kits, half of their accessories are not very useful, because if you even try to use a slot on the fixtures it will only accept one bolt. Bolting down a fixture with one bolt, you just knock it and it’s out of alignment.

Their table is solid, their fixtures are over priced and not that useful.

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@caz The way our inventory system works, if a single component is out, it will knock the entire kits out of stock. We can order and fulfill the order via email or phone.

There’s been some growing pains on getting some parts in stock, because with almost 100 parts that go into a kit it’s been difficult keeping everything in stock, but we’re turning the corner right now. Right now if a kit is not available, it’s something non-critical like a brush or minor accessory block.

If you want to talk in depth about tables, I’d be happy to hop on a call with you as well.