Best design style of stand to mount a single 24x12 FB plate to


Building a sacrificial table to act as my metal grinding/prep table to avoid non welding activities on my BuildPro table. I am stuck in the design phase on how to best solve for tipping resistance if I add leveling casters to the table… I am basically looking for this to function as a movable vise stand/anvil I can relocate depending on project needs.

Design Idea 1 - A plyometrics box style angled frame with caster mounting plates in the corners using rectangular tubing at the top for the fixture plate mounting studs (1.5" x 2.5" x .188" appropriate or should I go heavier)

Design Idea 2 - Vise/bench grinder stand style with Vertical legs stabilized by low profile angle iron or C - Channel outriggers sort of like this table:

I appreciate the help feedback along with any other designs or things to add…This new stand will hopefully be an improvement over my first attempt of a solution that did not end up being useful

I like the option 1. I like the simplicity. Looks like it can be used for lots of things. Jason

Option 1 should work well, but one suggestion…make the table top large enough that the base is completely under the top. Always a hassle if you have to stand on the base to get close enough to the work.

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Jack be nimble jack be quick


Update and eyeball check request before I finalize and weld the mounting studs on…

Took a month longer with a new office job and travel…self employment was a lot more productive.

Materials used were primarily:

-3/16” 1.5” square tubing
-3/16” 1.5” by 3” rectangular tubing on the top

  • 3/8” 2” by 3” angle iron for the base (w/ 2 rectangular tube stringers under the bottom shelf)
    -3/16” bar grating tack welded for an upper shelf with a 1/2” square bar underneath for rigidity (never again using bar grating but it was free scrap from the metal supply)
    -1/4” plate for the bottom shelf stitch welded in place.
    -1/2” square bar for some gussets (thanks minion squares)

Also there are pre drilled 1/4” holes to bolt on a couple single slot E-Track pieces to for some optional “modularity”

Still have to contour and finalize some defectsbut wanted to know if anyone had any last minute suggestions before I wrap this up and get it powder coated? I may have been too cold with the welds as I was to focused on minimizing any twisting of the frame.

Thanks for the time!

Looks good to me. Welder up!

Post powder coat glam shots after a long lead time!

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