Dragon table leg attach bolts wrong size

The Wrong socket head bolts for leg attachment were sent with Dragon table. The bolts sent were the right length but the threads were 12x1.5. But the table underside is threaded for 12x1.75. The fulfillment center seemed very confused and unable to help solve. Said they would call me when they had an answer. This should have been a no brainer. Put 16 bolts of the correct size in an envelope or box and send to me. Kind of disappointed in this customer service experience.

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yeah, we’ll send some out to you, I’ll DM you to get your contact info and make sure we get this resolved quickly

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Received my pair of tables yesterday and started putting them together this morning. Same issue as others, the leg to top bolts are incorrect, how in the F$&K is this still a thing, seriously!

Oof. Sorry to hear that man. It’s frustrating but I bet @Fireball_Eli can either send new bolts ASAP, or refund you the cost of buying them locally if you can.

If you have a Fastenal store in your town (or something equivalent) they might stock what you need and save you a wait.

As to how this is still a problem, I’ll let Fireball (hopefully) explain, and maybe they can share their plan to make sure no one else gets their tables and gets set back waiting for or searching locally for the correct bolts.

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@GMcG please feel free to email us contact@fireballtool.com
We can help you with all order inquiries/needs - we have a team ready to assist you.

Thank you, CS

@ropedrag we’re here to help and have reached out to you separately for more information as we are not able to match your forum info to find your order - thank you

CS Team