Chipping hammer blade suggestion

Was prepping to put the first layer of paint on the hydraulic press I am building, and trying to remove some of the dust and weld spatter that was left from welding.
Because of the design of the hydraulic press there is no great way to clean it. Especially In the tight spots with the small or large wire wheels I have or most of the other hand tools I own. The fireball tool welding scraper, and hand wire brush were the only tools I had to even start removing the weld spatter but it was very limited by how wide the blade was. It would have been great to have a long skinny blade that could fit between the brackets and other areas.
Then I started thinking about all the other times it would have been nice to have a different style blade. Like a blade that would fit the radius on the inside or outside of a piece of ibeam or large tubing. or a large diameter radius so you can clean plates that are heavily warped or with a cap weld on it. All these could be made in your own shop if you bought a blade for each shape you wanted to grind or start from scratch. But what if you could buy a blade value/starter pack with the cost per unit lowered because of shipping and bulk sales.

Thoughts on different blade types for fireball tool scrapes?

A spray with anti-spatter before welding goes a long way to making post weld clean up a breeze.