Dragon wagon grid measurement

@Fireball_Jason Jason, what is the measurement from the edge of the table to the center of the first hole? Is this the same on either side?



2” from all the edges to the center of the first hole.

@Fireball_Jason, I asked in a different thread, but what about the bolt hole size, spacing and distance from the edge of the table for the leg flange mounting holes?

1/2 off of the edge. M12 fasteners

Thanks for the quick response.


Bolt Spacing is 4.5"x4.5"

Thanks Wyatt! They sure seemed a little more spaced out from the look of it.

Would you happen to know what the spacing is for the mounting holes under the center of the table? They’re definitely not a 4.5" square pattern or they’d be touching the holes they’re closest to.

I will take another look at it tomorrow and shoot you back a reply if the bolt pattern is different.

Center looks like it is 5.5" square. Outsides is definitely 4.5" square.

If it were me, I’d make the center leg mount also a 4.5 square turned 26.565˚ (arctan of 1/2) for a consistent bolt pattern everywhere. No one is going to see it is twisted except when assembling the table. Eased leg mass production would be beneficial.

Edit: I just realized that the center is for pedestal mounting and not for a fifth Castor leg. I’d still use the 4.5" square for mounting it.

the center bolt pattern on the 36x24 table is 5.5" M12 - 1.75
the 54x30 does not have center mount

Any particular reason for mixing in Metric hardware in an American Customary unit grid? Utilizing Class 12.9 bolts which are stronger than Grade 8 bolts?

We put a lot of work into making both inch and metric thread sizes for US vs Europe. It is a huge pain, and it causes mix ups in production.

We were already using legs with metric fasteners, and wasn’t worth it to change. Legs go on once for most people so we just decided to leave it, it’s not really part of the working area of the table.