Fixture tables

Unfortunately there’s a very large number of people that can’t afford the high cost of your fixture tables, are the cost of the components needed to make the system work as it’s designed.
It’s not that those of us in this position wouldn’t love to have everything one needs to actually make function properly, but from what I have seen in the past visits to your website
The cost for the bare minimum is well beyond the average persons financial ability to justify having to put a lean on one’s property, are take a loan out to purchase that much.
With the cost of living taxes unexpected cost of accidents or injury.
The average person that would find it truly helpful, instead of your typical work bench, or tailgate just simply can’t afford such extravagant luxuries as you think it’s worth.
We’re not the new Ford Platinum F350 crew cab 4x4 every couple years crowd.
We’re the one’s working 5-6 days a week at day jobs, then come home after driving 1, to 3 hours through traffic.
Eat supper, and then work on whatever needs fixing, fed livestock mow grass, and go at it until you have to get to bed for few hours before it starts all over again.
Simply not feasible reasonable practical dam sure not affordable for average person.
Maybe you should take in consideration making less profit, remember what it was like when you were growing up, are actually wearing your tools everyday for a wage you were barely getting by on.
Then price accordingly, because we’re not in your over inflated price range, especially in today’s economy
Timothy J Milam Sr

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I think many of us relate to your statements. I am going to be bold and speak on fireball tools behalf. These tools are not necessarily for the average Joe and Jane so it where. This is a tool designed for professionals in the trade that require this. That said there are many “weekend warriors” in today’s world that have the financial strength to invest in this equipment for there leisure. This is a personal choice for them to pursue there passion. Truth be told this current world is far from balanced and it has been this way in regards to the human condition for as long as written and even spoken history has been passed but regardless Fireball tool for all I agree with and disagree with has a opportunity to provide a service through there products to our world. I agree many are struggling to deal with the current economy though I myself can only imagine the cost’s of producing these products. As a craftsman who currently makes his wages by selling his ware’s to the less possibly 1% I will state inflation hit’s me on all angles and current cost of materials… (metals) all my vendors offer a 24 hour price guarantee (makes it challenging to provide accurate economical pricing). We live in a economy where ChatGTP is now a mainstay and it is a different game than when even my youngest child who is less than 10 years old was born. There are few constants in life that I understand to be accurate such as everything is impermanent and the only true constant is change. We are asked to adapt. I appreciate what you wrote and in ways agree I will also say what fireball tool offers is very niche and clearly they are still in the infancy of it as there product base at least with the tables is changing and it makes it hard to determine how stable the product line really is. I have observed items I have purchased within less than one years time go to a state of being discontinued.

I think in reality it is difficult for us as individuals to navigate all of what is avalible and what is moving in the direction of a passing fad.

I wish all of us the best of luck and most fortunate of outcomes with the cards dealt to each of us and how we play our hands.

P.s. I offer gratitude and respect to all sides in these conversations as without these conversations we quite possible all will be navigating solo.

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How much profit he he allowed to make? How much is he making now?
Remember the economy is effecting him also.

If the prices are so inflated, go buy from the guys selling the same quality for less.

And if you ever find one I guess become a distributor because it sounds like people will mob a company providing as you call it “overinflated prices” so you should make a killing on the same equipment for whatever you think it’s supposed to cost.

Speaking of what you think it’s supposed to cost, I take it you must work with a lot of casting companies doing low to medium volume work, and the same for companies that do large part machining jobs, and metal coatings? Because outside of having that knowledge I’m not sure why you’re so confident the prices are overinflated. @Knick is right, unless you know how much profit he’s actually making you’re just speculating and come off as mad because you can’t afford one.

I mean, a scratch and dent 2x3 dragon wagon top is $1000. Comparing it to the competition makes it look like a good deal. Even the full priced tops are 2x the weight and 2x the cost of the Langmuir tables, and that’s not a small outfit so I’m sure they benefit more from economies of scale.

I have no problem with the prices Jason has set. Do I wish they were cheaper, of course, because then I could buy more stuff, but that’s different than accusing him of gouging people.

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well said!