Out of stock availability

As soon as I see that ultimate kit in stock im ordering it. :rofl:

Ive probably refreshed that page 100 times by now.

They are worth the wait!


@Whitesteel Keep us updated with the one you use the most.

Any updates? I’d buy a combination square or the ultimate combo square set if you get them in srock, especially right now since they’re listed as being on sale.

hopefully end of this week we’ll have them back up, we have them assembled, trying to fix some inventory issues related to their assembly and how they consume inventory, the least fun part of everything @mRhAnKbOt

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I :100: use the cast iron more it feels way stronger
And I’m not afraid to damage it.
I use the aluminum one on small jobs with only clean steel.
Like stainless and aluminum it stays in the machinist cabinet.
And they both go right back in the case.

When will we be able to buy 18” and 24”
I have starrett ones but the fireball one doesn’t
Like them……something about not being gold
Messing up the look or something.

When you gets yours you should calibrate
They are close but use a granite surface plate
And a machinist cylinder :thinking: I think everyone has those :grin:

combo square are back in @Whitesteel

@mRhAnKbOt don’t have the 24" super pack yet, just the individual squares

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Will the combo pack be coming soon, or do you not have the stock to put them together for a while?

I was kinda hoping the 18" 4R in gold would be in stock. Now to decide between 12" in gold or 18" in silver. Decisions decisions.

Nevermind, I decided to go the more expensive route that gets me 4R rulers and ordered 2 cast iron squares, one with 12" 4R gold blade, and the other in 24" 4R silver blade, and the case. I’ve got scribers, but will be watching for some of the bare blades to hopefully come in stock.

I want gold 18” blades for mine
24” might be to long